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TUE MAR 8, 2005

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Membership Applications, Forms & Dues

This page contains links to applications and other required forms for five categories of IACC members:
  1. Conference centers
  2. Suppliers of conference center products or services
  3. Conference center management companies
  4. Individuals that don't fit other categories
  5. Hospitality students or faculty
Select the member classification that's right for you. Then, choose among the links below to complete and submit an online application or download forms to print, fill out and mail or fax at a later time.

Conference Centers/Active Members - Meeting facilities that satisfy the Universal Criteria.
Learn more about this category.

Every application for Active membership undergoes an extensive review to ensure full compliance with the Universal Criteria. The review takes place at a number of levels within IACC; it typically includes a site inspection and ultimately must garner the approval of the Board of Directors. Often, six months or more may elapse between the prospect's submission of an application and the formal acceptance of a facility's membership. So, we offer the following schedule as a guide to timing an application:

Completed application to IACCEarliest likely Board consideration
January 15Summer (mid-June, same year)
April 15Fall (mid-September, same year)
July 15Winter (mid January, next year)
September 15Spring (late March or early April, next year)

IACC will not begin the review process until an application is complete, and a complete application comprises four items:
  1. Application form.
  2. Quality Assurance Checklist.
  3. Full payment of first-year's dues and initiation fees.
  4. 30 Copies of supporting collateral.

Collateral must include at least a floor plan of all meeting rooms. In addition, you may wish to provide other marketing literature that demonstrates the facility's compliance with IACC criteria.

Suppliers/Affinity Partners - Vendors that provide products & services to conference centers.
Learn more about this category.-

Conference Center Management Companies/Corporate Headquarters
Learn more about this category.

Individual Associates - Persons who don't fit any other category above - except students or faculty (see below).
Learn more about this category.
Students - Persons enrolled in an academic program leading to a degree in hospitality (or similar degree).
Faculty - Teachers, instructors or professors in post-secondary academic hospitality programs or deans or administrators associated with such programs.
Learn more about these categories.

Please note: You can save any Adobe Acrobat document to your computer by clicking the "diskette" icon or by printing it to a file. In the case of the Student/Faculty application, we have formatted the document so you can fill it out on screen by using the "Tab" key, or you can print the form directly to paper. In any case, you will ultimately need to sign and return a printed version of the form to IACC (see instructions at bottom of the form).

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