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SUN MAR 13, 2005

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Our Mission

The Independent Association of Conferences & Conventions is a not-for-profit, facilities-based organization founded to promote a greater awareness and understanding of the unique features of conference centers around the world. The establishment and maintenance of standards for membership, Annual Conferences, Professional Development programs, this website, periodic newsletters, and aggressive marketing initiatives—all serve to accomplish this goal.

What type of membership is right for you?

IACC considers applications in the following categories. If you already know the membership category that's appropriate for you,
click here to go directly to the page where you can acquire membership application forms and dues information.

Active Members

Any conference center that meets IACC's Universal Criteria is eligible for this level of membership. (By extension, anyone employed at an IACC-member conference center is entitled to full membership benefits.)

If you can answer “yes” to all three of the following questions, your facility may qualify for this level of membership. If so, please closely review the
Universal Criteria.
  1. Is your facility a conference center?
  2. Does it provide a total environment conducive to meetings, including adequate technical support?
  3. Is it staffed with skilled professionals trained to serve the needs of meeting professionals and conferees?
Note: All operating conference centers that apply for membership are subject to a site inspection to verify qualifications. Conference centers that are under construction may be accepted for provisional membership, pending opening and subsequent site inspection to confirm that the facility meets IACC standards. (Generally, facilities that have been open for business but are being retrofitted to become conference centers are not eligible for provisional membership.)

Click here to submit an online Application for Active Membership.

Affinity Partners & Allied Members

Any firm or organization that provides products or services to conference centers is eligible for membership as an Affinity Partner, but as of January 1, 2004, IACC no longer accepts new members in the Allied category. (As part of belonging to IACC, anyone employed at either an
Affinity Partner organization or an Allied member of IACC is entitled to full membership benefits.)

Click here to visit the Affinity Partnership website, from which you may submit an application or upgrade your current Allied membership.

Corporate Headquarters Members

Any firm or organization that manages, owns and/or operates at least one Active Member conference center is eligible for this level of membership. (By extension, anyone employed at an
IACC-member Conference Center Management Company is entitled to full membership benefits.)

Click here to submit an online Application for Corporate Headquarters Membership.

Individual Associate Members

Any individual who represents an organization that is currently not qualified for membership in another category may join IACC at this level of membership. Typically, members in this category are involved in a related segment of the hospitality industry (e.g., meeting professionals, hotel and resort executives, or individuals who service meetings and conferences at properties which do not qualify for Active Membership).

Individual Associates are listed in the printed IACC Global Membership Directory by the individual's name. They are entitled to the same education and awareness benefits as other categories of membership, but they may not vote, use the IACC name and logo in advertising or promotional materials, or hold a position on IACC's Board of Directors.

Click here to submit an online Application for Individual Associate Membership.

Student or Faculty Members

Any individual who is actively enrolled in a post-secondary academic program is eligible for Student Membership. Any teacher, instructor or professor in a post-secondary program leading to a degree in Hospitality (or similar degree), or any dean or administrator associated with such a program, is eligible for Faculty Membership.

Student and Faculty Members receive the same membership benefits as Individual Associates.

Cost for Student or Faculty Membership - $25.00 per year.

Click here to download an Application for Student/Faculty Membership.

Persons who represent an organization that qualifies for Active, Allied or Corporate Headquarters membership may not join IACC as an Individual Associate nor as a Student/Faculty member.

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